Executive Bus XL

Executive Bus XL

Per Hour Rate
$195 / Hour Gratuity & Fuel Surcharges
Airport Transfer
$290 Gratuity & Fuel Surcharges
40 passengers
Gracious Luggage Space
Premium Leather Interior
Roof-mounted HVAC
Charging Ports Throughout
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Add Luxury to Your Travel with Limousine Service New Orleans

Finding an executive bus XL from the different limo service New Orleans companies may be a hard task. Jazzy Limousine & Shuttle, however, make this process easy. We know the stress involved in getting a large group of people from one place to another. Since we have unparalleled experience in limousine service New Orleans, we know the best choice of executive bus and what should be included in it.


Comfort is at the top of our list and that is why our executive bus XL is one of the most comfortable choices. Whether it is for New Orleans airport limo transportation or a long journey, you will be comfortable in your seat which can even recline to allow the passenger to rest. Our executive buses also have ample legroom even when the seat in front has been reclined. The comfort is intended to make a long or short journey pleasurable


When you choose Jazzy Limousine & Shuttle, you can be assured of luxury. The executive bus comes with a number of luxury features right from the look of the bus, to the interior design, and the best entertainment options are available as you travel. Limousine rental New Orleans is now more affordable than ever.


The executive bus XL has sufficient luggage storage space to ensure everyone’s luggage will fit and will not be squished. The luggage storage does not interfere with passenger’s comfort since it is kept separate.


The buses that we provide are safe and in perfect condition. We also ensure that the drivers assigned to every client are experienced and well trained to safely handle the executive bus.

So, are you looking for an executive bus XL?

Contact with us for Limousine rental New Orleans and book one today!